Despite process heat is recognized as the application with highest potential among solar heating and cooling applications, Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) still presents a modest share of about 0.3% of total installed solar thermal capacity. As of today's technology development stage - solar reliable technologies available and economic competitiveness given for some low to medium temperature applications but still challenging depending on boundary conditions; technology implementation requiring interfacing and hybridisation with existing and competing heat production systems, heat distribution networks and heat consuming processes - Solar thermal potentials are still mainly untapped in both European and non-European industrial markets.

In this context, the project INSHIP (Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes) aims at the definition of an ECRIA (European Common Research and Innovation Agenda) aiming to support increased market penetration of SHIP in the future, engaging major European research institutes with recognized activities on SHIP. Contributing to the technological development capacity and to the scientific performance and attractiveness of the European Research, while supporting the implementation of the SET-Plan in close collaboration with the industrial sector goals, the integrated approach pursued in INSHIP aims, among other things, to adapt the European research infrastructures to the needs of the industrial sector, create a formal European network of SHIP R&D facilities and provide access to use the SHIP R&D facilities offered by the partners of this consortium, see the map above, through the so-called SHIP Infrastructure Access Scheme (IAScheme).

Applications to access these SHIP R&D facilities can be submitted by INSHIP core and networking partners, European and non? European SHIP industry, or other R&D organisations/institutes through an INSHIP partner.

Proposals aim at developing short-term (1-4 weeks) concrete activities related to technology and applications to low temperature SHIP (80ºC to 150ºC), medium temperature SHIP (150ºC to 400ºC) or high temperature SHIP (400ºC to 1500°C), and also activities related to hybrid energy systems and emerging process technologies (

The access is free of charge for the Industrial partners and R&D organisations/institutions. The European Commission bears the cost of access to the infrastructure with funding being provided to participating Industrial partner or R&D organisation/institution through INSHIP Access Providers. In addition, accommodation and travel costs of the Industrial partner or the R&D organisation/institution are covered by the INSHIP project.

SHIP IAScheme - Conditions and requirements