Project Deliverables

Del. No. Deliverable name Type Dissemination Level Del. Month
DL 1.1 INSHIP Consortium Agreement R CO M1
DL 1.2 INSHIP website R PU M3
DL 1.3 Web-based IP repository R CO M12
DL 1.4 Intermediate report on coordina-tion with relevant multilateral international organizations R PU M30
DL 1.5 Consortium structure and gover-nance definition beyond INSHIP R PU M40
DL 2.1 Solar technology for low temperature SHIP R CO M12
DL 2.2 Review of solar driven dryers R PU M12
DL 2.3 SHIP for drying processes R CO M24
DL 2.4 Guideline on materials and components R PU M36
DL 2.5 Control tools & methods for SHIP R CO M40
DL 3.1 Guidelines for solar steam integration in steam networks R PU 12
DL 3.2 Available sensors for monitoring of two-phase flow conditions R PU 12
DL 3.3 Industrial environment conditions for Solar collector degradation R PU 18
DL 3.4 Survey of existing automated mirror cleaning technologies R PU 10
DL 3.5 Standardization requirements for BoP R PU 18
DL 3.6 Suitable ageing tests for industrial environment conditions R PU 18
DL 3.7 Solar field sizing driven BoP dimensioning O CO 24
DL 3.8 Demonstration of cost-effective solar steam integration layout D PU 40
DL 3.9 Mirror degradation characterization under industrial conditions D CI 42
DL 3.10 Compact optical designs O CI 36
DL 4.1 Mass/energy balances and solar chemical reactor concepts R PU 24
DL 4.2 Integration of thermal energy storage and/or hybridization to solar-driven processes R PU 36
DL 4.3 Conceptual design of large-scale implementation, economic analysis and CO2 mitigation R PU 48
DL 4.4 Conceptual design of medium- to large-scale implementation of high-concentration solar optics for high-temp reactor designs R PU 48
DL 4.5 Final report on TES studies, concepts, prototypes, and models R CO 48
DL 5.1 Process integration method linking simulation software on energy efficiency measures and heat storage R PU 36
DL 5.2 Roadmap on emerging process technologies R PU 40
DL 5.3 Characterization matrix on different future energy supply technologies and storage technologies in the industrial context R PU 24
DL 5.4 Performance analysis of 5 defined and characterized hybrid energy supply systems for industry R CO 48
DL 5.5 Performance analysis of 2 defined and characterized hybrid energy supply systems R CO 48
DL 5.6 Key design strategies for innovative hybridization concepts R PU 48
DL 5.7 Software tool for basic design of 100% RES branch concepts O PU 48
DL 6.1 Map of available RTD SHIP infrastructures & resources R PU 20
DL 6.2 Report on SHIP infrastructures/ components new requirements R PU 48
DL 6.3 Mid-term report on exchange of personnel R PU 24
DL 6.4 Final report on exchange of personnel R PU 36
DL 6.5 Mid –term report on mobility actions R PU 24
DL 6.6 Final report on mobility actions R PU 48
DL 7.1 Scoping report/Gap analysis R RE 6
DL 7.2 Report containing all National Concept Notes R PU 15
DL 7.3 Common SHIP RTD strategy doc R PU 18
DL 7.4 Database for in-kind contributions R RE 6
DL 7.5 Workshop reports R RE 42
DL 7.6 Dissemination and Exploitation plan. R RE 42
DL 8.1 Report on Analysis of needed national and regional innovation strategies on SHIP R PU 18
DL 8.2 Report on assessment of socio-economic impact scenarios of SHIP development in EU R PU 24
DL 8.3 Comparative analysis and innova-tion support roadmaps in Europe R PU 36
DL 8.4 Guidelines of relationship between industry and European SHIP research R PU 46